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Snowboard lessons


Boarding Please!

There is nothing cooler than snowboarding. Snowboarding is different from skiing and a lot of fun, as are the classes for beginners and advanced skiers. Lessons start at 10 am and 1 pm. Meeting point: at the smaller Widmann shop/freeride base, middle station Streuböden or in front of Biwak, at the valley station. Let's surf!


Basic 1

First Snowboard lesson

Requirements: none
Lesson objective: a safe drift turn with load change
Duration: 1-6 days

Basic 2

Getting better at snowboarding

Requirement: a safe drift turn with load change
Lesson objective: Driftschwung mit Hochentlasten, Driftschwung mit Tiefentlasten, Kipp-Turn, Fahren auf der Kante, erste Trips ins Gelände, Freestyle Basics
Duration: 1-6 days


Funpark, Boxen, Flattricks, Rails

Lesson objective: Setup boxes, kicker jumps, grabs, rotations, jibes, tailroll 180.
Duration: 1-6 days


Offroad variants, freeriding around the Wildseeloder

Lesson objective: Getting a feel for the powder snow, gaining knowledge of Alpine hazards
Duration: 1-6 days

Snowboard Styles